Having always been passionate about interiors and

  how they affect how you feel, live and/or work in

  them, I have recently turned my passion into a



  When working with INTERIORS, one of my strengths

  is the ability to see the potential in what may seem

  like a hopeless space or scruffy and rejected items. With

  a playful and creative eye, I can help you reinvent and recycle your existing  

  belongings and allow for a low-budget transformation, as well as creating a 

  space that is both personal and unique. 


  The same is true of my work as a STYLIST, where unexpected combinations and

  playful twists are used to create displays and images that are both interesting

  and a feast for the eyes.



                                                    Hannah Turner Ceramics


  I have over the years developed a keen interest in PHOTOGRAPHY, and my 

  photos of interiors, garden still lifes and styled themes have appeared in different

  magazines (Vakre Hjem & Interiør, Norway, A Mi Otthonunk, Hungary, Wiltshire

  Magazine, UK, and Wedding Flowers Magazine, UK) and a number of blogs



  My ideas and photos have also been used for book covers, corporate posters,  

  event invitations and greeting cards, and some were featured in Franciska 

  Munck- Johansen's books Sanselig Sommer (Norway, 2011) and Sanselig Jul (2012).






  All photography by Helena Bernáld © 2011   E-mail: helena_bernald@yahoo.co.uk    Tel. 0044 7724 828 404